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True Voice of the Flute . . .

"However, three cheers to Nityanand Haldipur who brings a breath of freshness and originality and restores the true utterance to the flute in the midst of the prevailing depravity. The golden rule is what the human voice does the flute can and should do. Haldipur brought back memories of good old days when flute had a stately gait and the demeanor as opposed to the "childish frolics and flippancy" characterizing its playing today."

The Hindu, 28th November, 1997 ( read complete article)


Nityanand's Flute Reflects His Quiet, Dignified Personality . . .

"In practical terms therefore, Nityanand's style is a reflection of his dignified and quiet personal behavior and thus his playing, is a sort of fluidity rather than a 'beat based style'. There is, of course, a division of the beat but on the whole, the music just flows."


The Asian Age, 2 September, 1994


It's Pure Music . . .

"It was indeed gratifying to observe the sedate mannerisms of Nityanand Haldipur. What impressed most was his ability to reflect some of the nuances of his present mentor - Smt. Annapurna Devi.


Pioneer, September, 1994


Melodious Flute Recital . . .

"Nityanand commenced his performance with the Raga Yaman. The finesse with which he systematically developed the raga was admirable. His shifting of "sum" on the upper note for a short while brought out a certain freshness."

Deccan Herald, 6th November, 1992


Peerless Performance . . .

"As for Nityanand Haldipur, he breathes into his flute the cumulative creative motivation he has had from Smt. Annapurna Devi. He virtually poured his heart into the the opening Yaman exploring the potentialities of the raga to the utmost through a series of exciting swar-sangati."

Indian Express, 24th October 1991


Gimmickry and Brilliance . . .

"The most impressive performance of the evening came from Nityanand Haldipur. The tone of his flute was rounded and appealing. The alaps were placid and intense. Haldipur developed the raga on the lines of the Late Pannalal Ghosh and the tant-ang of Smt. Annapurna Devi."

The Indian Post, 1st June, 1989